Who are You Inviting to Thanksgiving? Defining Our Influences.

I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite Holiday and not just because of all the great food…but mainly due to the feeling of community I associate with it.

When I was growing up my family wasn’t big on Holidays.  Thanksgiving would have no family commitments or gatherings to look forward to.  Every year I would end up tagging along with anyone who would have me.

I remember one year I went to my dear friends the Houser’s house for Thanksgiving.  I remember that I was nervous to go because I wasn’t even sure that my friends (Eryn, Kelsey, and Shelby Houser) told their parents I was coming until the night before!  It made no difference. I showed up to a Thanksgiving celebration with what had to be 30 people!  There was such a feeling of belonging and acceptance.  I met so many new people that day that made me feel like they had known me all my life.

I remember thinking that was exactly how I wanted my Thanksgiving’s to be when I was older.  Anyone and everyone would be welcome at my house.  It would be a chance to talk and laugh and appreciate friends and family.

Surround Yourself

When I got sober I was taught to evaluate the type of people that I spend my time with.  I was told to spend time with those that lift you higher, support your goals, and want the very best for you.  In some ways, I felt I had to start from zero and add players to my roster…people who would be on my team.

Since I associate Thanksgiving with a time to celebrate my friends and influences, I decided to make a little game out of it.  “Who is Invited to My Thanksgiving.”  Whenever I come across someone who I want on my team…I think to myself “that person is totally invited to my Thanksgiving.”

I want my table filled with people whom I admire their characteristics, projects, or philosophy on life.  And so I made a little list for 2014 and I would like you to do the same.

Who do you feel you can benefit by knowing?  Who can you learn something new from?  Who inspires you?

Your guests can be anyone you know or possibly want to meet.

What I found was that the people that you would share your table with are the type of influences you want in your life.  You don’t necessarily want to BE them but there is something about them you admire.  Something that you want to build on in your own life.

So…who is it going to be?  LEAVE YOUR 5 GUESTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.  I am excited to hear!

Any guesses at mine?

Check out the video below to find out who I would like to share my Thanksgiving table with this year.  And of course, you are more than welcome to join us!

The Motivational Track for this topic is “Beautiful” from Eminem.  A beautiful song about truly getting to know your neighbors.