Where the Hell Have You Been?

Yes…I have been MIA!  I have been taking my own advice and have been working hard to make all my dreams come true.  In December I decided to apply to the Substance Abuse Certification Program at the University of the Pacific and was accepted!  I started school on January 12th and am doing the fast track program to finish in June 2015!

It is important to me to be able to offer reliable and honest information to all of you that visit the L Bow Room.  I will continue to expand my education and training, in both addiction and fitness, and will relay all the important information I come across!  While I am in school, I hope you all will have patience with me and enjoy the few posts I can make.

Remember, you can always find me on social media!  I try to post on Facebook and Twitter daily – so catch up with me there and let me know how things are going!

Until then…have love in your heart and remember everyone can use a little L Bow Room!

Your friend,